Arco Catalogue 2014


It’s September, so it must be time for a new Arco Catalogue.
Much anticipated within the health & safety industry, the annual product catalogue launches this week. The book, at almost 1000 pages, is a significant marketing tool and one that positions Arco as ‘the UK’s biggest supplier of safety clothing and equipment’.
The brand has always used location photography to showcase its products: Our Agency has been organising these shoots for six years, with in-house creative, Lanie Green sourcing locations and art directing. Year on year, the brief to find increasingly impressive sites presents a huge challenge but, with the co-operation of local (and not so local) organisations, we have once again helped to create fantastic shots.

This year, photographer Andy Gallacher was commissioned to create a gritty style of image for Arco’s own brand label, Trojan and several images for the catalogue’s section openers. Each shot was designed to showcase a product in it’s typical industrial environment. We’ve been in quarries, factories, and forests at all times of day and night, waiting for just the right conditions. But it’s the rail shot that has turned out to be the star, it’s won a prestigious photography award which is under wraps at the moment.

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